Why hire a professional wedding band… and not your mate’s band!

Everyone has a mate who’s a musician. But even if they’re insanely good, here’s why you should book a professional wedding band instead.

You and your partner love live music and you know that you’d love it to be a part of your big day. Now comes the hard part of deciding on a band. You’re thinking you could cut down on time, money and hassle if you asked your musician pal. In our humble opinion, it’s always going to be better if you book a professional wedding band instead.

I know I know! I’m biased! I’m part of a professional wedding band, of course I’m going to recommend them! But it’s more than that.

What you want, how you want it

By booking a professional wedding band, you can ask for exactly what you want, and that’s what you’ll get because you’re paying for it! There’s no awkward conversations about your song choices or disagreements over what kind of style you think would be best. You can pick what you want to hear, and how you want to hear it, without feeling like you’re taking advantage of a friend.


No nerves. No last minute pull outs. With a professional wedding band, you know they’re going to be there and they’re going to be great! After all, this is what they do.

Your wedding is about you…

No one wants to a be a Bridezilla (or a Groom Kong?!) But your wedding is for you to celebrate each other, it’s not about a gig for your mate. Wedding music should celebrate you and your partner’s tastes and be what you want to hear, not what your mate enjoys playing.

…but it’s also for your loved ones!

I can say this from personal experience… It is SO NICE to be at a loved one’s wedding where you aren’t working!

From a purely practical point, it means you don’t miss anything because you’re not setting up equipment or sound checking. But also, playing wedding music is a big deal! The job comes with a lot of responsibility! Although your friend will be honoured you asked them to be such an important part of your day, they may feel under pressure to say yes, even though they’d prefer not to.

Value for money

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a professional musician as a friend? You love their band and see the discounted fees as massive bonus… But if they’re doing you a favour, even with the best of intentions, they might not bring their A-game. In other words, a professional wedding band won’t get drunk during the wedding breakfast and forget they’re meant to be playing…

Talent and experience

Yes I’m biased toward professional wedding bands, but that’s because they’re so great! These are people who have chosen to dedicate their working lives to playing music. They will create the perfect relaxed atmosphere for sipping Pimms and chatting, or make dancing the night away impossible to resist. Check out our videos to see how we do this!

And if you want the best? Book an industry expert!

The Decatur Street Trio are chuffed to say that we are now a recognised industry expert with WeddingPlanner.co.uk! Booking us means you get our knowledge and experience (as well as our incredible talent!) and ensure you get the very best wedding music for your big day.

You can check out us and other suppliers at WeddingPlanner.co.uk!

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As a professional wedding band The Decatur Street Trio are recognised as an industry expert by WeddingPlanner.co.uk
The Decatur Street Trio are recognised as an industry expert by WeddingPlanner.co.uk