Who’s in the band? Part I

Meet Rosie – vocalist and client liaison

With a stellar set of vocal chords and a penchant for people (and gin!), Rosie heads up client relations and lead vocals for the Decatur Street Trio, a jazz band for hire in London. With a wicked sense of humour and boundless energy, Rosie has a knack for making sure every booking runs smoother than a jazz lick from start to finish while keeping things friendly and fun at all times. Pro singer by profession, Rosie also runs dance sessions for older people living in care homes in her spare time – a real Jill of all trades!

Here’s a little more about Rosie, the songstress of the group…

How would your bandmates describe you in 3 words?

Open, Passionate, Organised!

Favourite thing about performing?

The connection with people. I’ve always loved how music can bring people together and I love the way it can create unique moments in time. 

What’s your instrument?

I’ve focused all my energy into singing, which is a good way of saying I could never get my head around playing a guitar or piano. I’ve so much admiration for the boys as they’re real masters of their instruments!

Best event you’ve ever played at?

There’ve been a few special ones over the years but I think playing at the 100 Club was one of the best. It’s a venue with so much history! I spent most of my time looking at all the photos on the wall of previous musicians who’d played there and feeling completely in awe.

Favourite jazz song ever?

My favourite at the moment is Sarah Vaughn’s version of ‘Body & Soul’. Ben put me on to it actually! It’s a different take on the standard and it just doesn’t go where you expect it to and I love that. Vaughn throws her voice around with so much control – you can’t help but be impressed by her skill and the emotion she puts into it leaves you feeling physically moved. It’s beautiful.

Favourite jazz musician?

Ella Fitzgerald. Her voice captivates me. It’s like a hug for the heart!

Favourite thing about being the group?

Working with such great musicians. I’ve never felt so supported musically and the arrangements James and Ben come up with are just stunning.

Favourite memory of being in the group?

We’ve started writing our own tracks recently. That moment when the first song we’d written together took form and came together was so exciting for me.


Best time of year to be in the band?

Christmas. We get quite busy at this time of year and it can sometimes feel like one extended party! Everyone’s in a great mood and looking forward to some time off and it’s always great to feel a part of that.

What’s your favourite sound? (Musical or not! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!)

This probably says quite a lot about me, but you know the sound of pouring a new bottle of wine into a glass? The glugging? That.

Which events are your favourite to play at?

Parties. I love being part of a celebration! Everyone letting their hair down and having a few drinks. It’s always a great vibe. So, if you’re looking for a jazz band to hire in London, we’re your people.

4 dream dinner party guests (dead or alive!) and why:

Emmeline Pankhurst – I’d want to say thank you for everything she did, and quiz her on what I could be doing now!

Sarah Pascoe – I recently read Pascoe’s book ‘Animal’ and loved it. It really did make me look at life in a whole new way. Plus, she’s a fellow vegan, so she wouldn’t complain about the food!

Kathryn Ryan – I love her comedy work, I think she’s hilarious and she’d bring a black comedy vibe to the whole thing!

Mel C – The former Spice Girl! I love the Spice Girls growing up and can remember making up dance routines in the school playground. I’d want to invite her cause not only would it be fun to sing a few duets in between courses but because she was a role model to me growing up. I wasn’t particularly girly and ‘Sporty Spice’ showed me you didn’t have to be girly to be a powerful female.

Do you enjoy performing any other genres of music?

I love rock music and have loved belting out Zepellin and Audioslave in the past! I love that I still get to perform rock tracks with DST, and how a different style changes them.

If jazz music were an animal, which animal would it be?

Oooh, I love this question! I think it would be a cat. Cats laze around and that makes me think of smooth, easy listening jazz but they also have mad half hours where they’re just jumping around all over the place – so jazz!

What do you love so much about jazz?

The freedom of expression. There’s so much space in jazz to interpret music, to put your own stamp on it. Also, it’s always felt very warm to me in a way that other genres haven’t.

How do you unwind after a gig?

I have a travel kettle for tea on the go! Also, I love listening to audiobooks on the way home in the car, especially if it’s a bit of a drive.

Any pre-gig traditions?

Does gin count?


Listen to our sound or get in touch with Rosie at info@decaturstreettrio.co.uk to find out more and book.