Who’s in the band? Part II

Meet Ben – Double Bassist and Bantersaurus Rex

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With a knack for the strings (plus a penchant for the piano) Ben provides the rounded sounded of the Double Bass for the Decatur Street Trio, a jazz band for hire in London. As a full-time performer and part-time comic (in his own mind), Ben enjoys getting into the swing of things and gives every gig his all.

Here’s a little more on the man himself…

How would your bandmates describe you in 3 words?

Handsome, hilarious and… modest.

What’s your favourite thing about performing?

When you get into a kind of flow state. Flow is kinda spiritual (although I’m an atheist) and it doesn’t happen every time you play – but it’s the best feeling when it happens!

Best event you’ve ever played at?

I’ve played the Royal Albert Hall a couple times while I was at school for competitions, which was the biggest crowd I’ve played to. Saying that, some of the smallest gigs with DST have been my favourite!

Favourite jazz song?

That’s like asking to pick a favourite child! I’ve been digging Bye Bye Blackbird recently.

Favourite jazz musician?

Bill Evans.

Favourite thing about being in the group?

Spending time with James and Rosie ❤️

Favourite memory of being in the group?

The photo shoot was a pretty funny day!

One interesting fact about yourself:

Before the age of 18, I had never burped… (thanks, Ben!) 

Best time of year to be in the band and why?

Summer! It’s hot!

What’s your favourite sound?

Rain on a conservatory roof is pretty satisfying.

Which events are your favourite to play at?

The ones that are somewhere I’d never normally get to go to.

4 dream dinner party guests (dead or alive!)…

Jesus Christ, Karl Marx, Genghis khan and Kanye West.

If jazz music were an animal, which animal would it be?


What do you love so much about jazz?

Melody! Harmony! Groove! It’s all there, baby!

How do you unwind after a gig?

Tea and reading, every time.

Any pre-gig traditions?

Find somewhere to park!

Favourite tipple?

Canned polish lager. Can’t knock it.

If you’re keen to find the perfect jazz band for hire in London, listen to our sound or get in touch with Rosie at info@decaturstreettrio.co.uk to find out more and book.