First gigs…

Rosie - Jazz singer based in Southend!

Hello! Rosie here, Decatur’s singer!

One of the things I love about playing with James and Ben, is how rich their experience is of music from a variety of genres. Together we bring to the creative table a LOT of influences and this all adds to the collective melting pot that is our unique sound.

As well as playing gigs, we love going to them! To listen to other musicians is one of life’s great pleasures and I always know it’s been a good’un if I leave full of inspiration.

I very clearly remember experiencing my first gig at the age of 14. My friends and I had saved money/ done extra chores/ borrowed and begged to go and see Busted at Wembley Arena. I know, I know, Busted! Don’t judge me… I remember the electric (and overwhelming oestrogen-y) atmosphere and being completely spellbound by finally seeing my heroes doing their thing live, in the flesh.

I was very lucky to have my local music venue – Chinnerys, in Southend – which at the time would let you in if you were 16 or over! Many a Friday night was spent soaking up the music from the local bands who performed there. I badly wanted to be one of those musicians. I guess you could say I caught the bug!

I asked Ben and James what their first gigs were…

James jazz pianist in LondonJames – “Went to see my favourite band THE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, with two friends, both of whom were kind of into them. My obsession with DMB was yet to reach its peak, so I didn’t know all the words/history to the band (there is a deep mythos). I loved the gig and atmosphere, but knew it wasn’t the DMB I’d been listening to (they had a different line-up recent to that gig) – so I felt one stage removed, because it wasn’t the sound that I knew. Great gig, but not a mind-blowing experience.”

ben jazz bassist london

Ben – “I went to see tower of power at Ronnie Scott’s with my dad. I was about 11 when I went which is technically too young to get in so I popped the wheels out on my heelys (those trainers with the wheels in them) which were a craze at this point so I looked a couple inches taller. The gig was great, most of the guys in that band were in the original so have been around the block but were still sounding on top form! It started me on a little bit of a tower of power phase which I’m still yet to get passed!”


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