Entertainment For Intimate Celebrations,

For people who want something a little different…


You love music. You’re looking for the right ‘sound’.

You’ve looked at singing guitarists, harpists, crooners and everything you can think of but it all just sounds a bit ‘meh!’ A bit generic. Not really ‘you’.

And let me say right now that if you’re looking for someone to cover Justin Bieber – we ARE NOT your band!

We don’t mean anything by it, only that we just aren’t who you are looking for.

If you’re looking for music that will stand on it’s own two feet and make your celebration a one of a kind event? Then we ARE your band.

Who are we?

The Decatur Street Trio, are a professional Jazz band based in Essex (Rosie) and London (James & Ben). We offer entertainment that will delight your guests and create a relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for sipping drinks and catching up with good friends!

We are perfect for your…

Pub Wedding Entertainment – We are all over that relaxed ‘homely’ vibe. Sipping local ale in the company of your nearest and dearest, amongst quirky and ‘interesting’ surroundings? Love it. (Check out ‘The Bell Inn, Ticehurst’ to see what we mean!)

Garden Party Entertainment – You’ve looked at loads of venues and come to the conclusion that there really is no place like home. We know where you’re coming from. So if you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary or going big for your house warming, we promise not to upset the neighbours… (Have a look at our ‘House Party Ideas For Discerning Adults’)

Marquee & Tipi Weddings & Events Entertainment – We LOVE playing outside. It’s just so much better isn’t it?! Plus, you know the people who want to celebrate in a Tipi are going to be all kinds of cool and we definitely want to play for you.  (I mean, look at Woodland Weddings, it’s just beautiful!)


Ok, we can talk the talk.

Now watch and see for yourself!