House Party Ideas For Discerning Adults

Who doesn’t love a house party?!

I don’t mean the kind of frat party that you see in those American teenager coming of age films; red cups and beer kegs and music that you can’t talk over. I’m talking about you and your friends celebrating in style in the comfort of your own living room. Because if you’re struggling to find a venue where you can eat the food you like, listen to the music you love and not have to queue for the loo, there really is no place like home (slippers, ruby or otherwise, optional).

When it comes to house party ideas, the sky really is the limit. But whether you decide to opt for fancy dress, hire waiters to serve you and your guests Champagne or go for a sit down banquet cooked by top chefs, you’re going to want to make sure you have the perfect atmosphere that sets this celebration apart from your average dinner party.

Not a red cup in sight…

First things first. Volume.

The last thing you want while celebrating is a knock from the neighbours asking you to keep it down… Your music, whatever you decide to go for, should be at a reasonable volume to enhance the atmosphere and allow you and your nearest and dearest to chat! No one wants to be shouting into their mate’s ear, especially if they’re juggling several mini Beef Wellingtons (from Waitrose darling) and a glass of fizz. The Decatur Street Trio has PA sizes for all audiences (from 10 to 300!) so the only thing that will blow you away is the talent, not the volume.

The vibe.

If you’re choosing a house party instead of a jumping, thumping outing to a pub, club or restaurant, we’re guessing you’re looking for a more relaxed, classy kind of vibe. You could even set a ‘strictly informal’ dress code or go the other way and insist everyone wears their finest. Whatever you go for, we all know that if the vibe is relaxed, everyone will have much more fun. Have a look at our ‘Songs We Play’ page to get a feel for the vibe we’d create for you.


Banquet or buffet?

The Food.

In-your-house catering is awesome. You pick what you’d like to eat, somebody else cooks it for you (bliss!) and some companies will even wash up afterwards… What’s not to like?! If you’re more into canapés than coq au vin, most catering companies will provide waiting staff who will make sure your guests are looked after so you can enjoy the party too. All the perks of hosting, with none of the pressure. Did I mention there’s no washing up?

The Music

When it comes to house party music, The Decatur Street Trio can provide the perfect soundtrack to your evening. We’ll play chilled out easy listening jazz to accompany your conversation, and mix it up with up tempo swing numbers if you fancy dancing. This London jazz band will give your party that certain something different that will make it a celebration you (and your guests) remember for years. Yes we’re biased and think you should choose us. But that’s because although we can rock a formal corporate do, we not-so-secretly love playing music in our socks to people in their living rooms. Can you blame us?

Found out more about our party music performance options on our ‘Party Music’ page.



What’s different about us? We listen.

We like to get to know our clients a little better before we play for them. Get in touch to book a consultation with Rosie and discuss your house party ideas!

5 Christmas Party Themes to Help Jazz Up This Year’s Festivities

For those times when a tribute act and tired turkey dinner just won’t cut it…

You can’t deny the hype.

Although there are rarely ever actual chestnuts roasting on an actual open fire, and you’ll be hard pushed to see a white and snowy 25th December this side of the Atlantic any time soon, with its abundance of jingling bells and festive foodie favourites, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of year.

From outlandish jumpers and reindeer ears aplenty to that relative who always seems to get just a tad too tipsy, Christmas parties are our favourite (if you nail the theme and get the music right, that is).

Having provided Christmas party entertainment for a fair few years now, we’ve seen our fair share of festive gatherings, picking up plenty of dos and don’ts along the way, so if you’re looking for ways to add a little more magic and sparkle than usual to your Christmas party this year, we’ve put together 5 themes that are certain to impress those guests… 

The Roaring 20s

There’s nothing quite so decadent as adorning yourself in sequins and feathers and reclining on a chaise longue with a gin cocktail in hand – even if you’re only nestled in the back room of a public house in Hackney as opposed to a Manhattan speakeasy.

The perfect way to spruce up an intimate festive gathering without the tacky novelty factor is to achieve a 1920s Christmas look complete with crushed velvets, plush sofas and dark wood furniture to decorate; cocktails in teacups and an authentic jazz band playing Christmas classics from the likes of Benny Goodman and Louis Armstrong to help get guests into the swing of things. A party fit for Gatsby himself, we’re sure you’ll agree. 

Christmas Party Entertainment | Authentic Jazz Band | Louis Armstrong

Winter Wonderland

Think lavish ice sculptures, faux fur draped over sofas and chandeliers galore for a more decadent festive fancy. Serve up ice cold drinks in heavy, detailed glassware, adorn the place in fairy lights and hire some jazzy Christmas party entertainment to play your favourite jingles well into the evening. Narnia ain’t got nothin’ on you.

Christmas Party Entertainment | Authentic Jazz Band | Winter Wonderland

A Cosy Cabin

If you’re hosting a much more intimate affair made up of your closest friends and family, then something a little cosier might just do the trick – but that isn’t to say you need to cut back on the decoration, though. Transform your small space into a cabin fit for apres ski, complete with carols around the piano (or alongside a live jazz trio!), pine trees indoors, open fires, and of course, outlandish Christmas jumpers aplenty. A nostalgic crimbo fit for the slopes – don’t forget to provide the faux snow!

Christmas Party Entertainment | Authentic Jazz Band | Open Fire

Yuletide Ball

Playing host to a guest list longer than your arm? Then go hard or go home this Christmas and opt for a panto-inspired yuletide ball that is certain to impress. Think less novelty factor and more elaborate west end stage set complete with chandeliers, festive hits played by your Christmas party entertainment and a dancefloor fit for a king. Request that guests dress up as their favourite panto character, or get them to don elusive eyewear for a more sophisticated masquerade affair.

Christmas Party Entertainment | Authentic Jazz Band | Chandelier

Christmas in Hollywood

Who doesn’t love a yuletide movie classic? Bring your guests’ favourite Christmas films to life with a Hollywood themed festive shindig. Play silent films on a projector screen, deck the halls with movie posters and provide popcorn canapes and old school cocktails, while guests enjoy renditions of their favourite Christmas tracks from the movies performed by a live jazz band. From Bing Crosby’s, White Christmas to Judy Garland’s, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, this cinema-inspired theme is certain to get toes a-tappin’!

Christmas Party Entertainment | Authentic Jazz Band | Its a Wonderful Life film still

If you’re looking for a Christmas party entertainment to play at your event, or an act to complete your nostalgic Christmas party theme, then the Decatur Street Trio might be the perfect professional jazz band for your event.

Listen to our sound or get in touch with me, Rosie, at today to find out more and book.

Why booking live music (like a professional jazz band!) trumps hiring a DJ every single time!

Because you know as well as we do, there ain’t nothin’ like the real thing…

Everyone knows music can either make or break an event – and if you don’t? You haven’t been to the number of parties we have.

Be it a sophisticated 30th birthday, banging Bar Mitzvah, or an intimate relaxed wedding in London, you’ll want to make sure are grooving from the get-go. Although DJs will play crowd pleasers and popular chart-toppers to kick things off, there’s nothing quite like the sound of a live band, and when faced with a room filled with people you love, hoping to have a good time, you’ll no doubt want to deliver.

Here’s why you should choose live music (be it a professional jazz band or acoustic solo artist) over a DJ every single time.

Unbeatable sound

Why subject your loved ones to the same synthetic tracklist they can tune into on their way to work? Almost anyone can play song after song and get away with it, but a live band with real musical talent will bring that little something extra to the evening, so opt to fill your guests’ ears with something more authentic, soulful and memorable instead.

That personal touch

Good performers will guarantee a packed dancefloor from arrival – and not just because of their singing voice or stellar song choices. Live bands with bags of experience will know there are plenty of ways to utilise those vocal chords during a set – with talking being one of them. Chatting with guests can change the course of a party and make the most intimate of affairs even more personal, so hire a professional jazz band who oozes as much personality as they do talent to nail your booking.

Quality reigns supreme

Yes, live bands tend to be more expensive to book than your average DJ, but they are absolutely worth the cost. You’ll be paying for talented musicians to deliver a unique sound and we can assure you, nothing compares to that.

Personalise your night

If you’re best known for your penchant for swing, reggae or jazz, then why not personalise your night and give your best ones a lesson in the music you love at the same time? Add that unexpected wow factor to the evening and invite guests into your world for one night only- you never know, they might fall in love with it, too.

Bring a little life and soul to the party

DJs tend to keep their heads down, arriving and departing without uttering so much as an, ‘I haven’t got that one’ the entire evening. Live performers are far more receptive to crowds and can win over even the most reluctant of guests hiding in the corner of the room, just by being a little more human…

Good customer service

Performers are all about pleasing people, so if you book an experienced band for an event, you’ll enjoy excellent customer service to boot. With Decatur Street Trio, you’ll enjoy a thorough consultation to make sure we’re the perfect fit for your event, followed by constant communication in the lead-up and excellent entertainment on the night.

There’ll be no surprises

Unlike DJs who can adapt their playlists to suit any occasion, good bands will have an unshakeable sound they can’t (and shouldn’t) change, so when you listen to their audio, you know what you’re in for before you book. Enjoy peace of mind and avoid disappointment by choosing a band over a DJ the next time you’re entertaining.  

If you’ve been to enough parties or intimate affairs, you’ll know there’s nothing better than kicking back with a good cocktail and a little live music, accompanied by your best ones. It’s unique, special and makes for unbeatable memories. Much better than an out of touch DJ with the same songs you’d find on your average Spotify playlist.

If you’re looking for a live band, one who might be able to transport you to an intimate Harlem jazz club of days gone by, then the Decatur Street Trio might be the perfect professional jazz band for your event.

Listen to our sound or get in touch with me, Rosie, at today to find out more.

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